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Estate Administration & Probate Attorney in Chicago, IL

Logan Law, LLC has Chicago Estate Administration Lawyers and Cook County Probate Attorneys with extensive experience in clearing up estates without the need for probate, where this is the best option, as well as in estate administration in probate. We are ready and able to assist Chicago area families in clearing up matters when a loved one dies. We are ready to help the family through the many steps often involved in clearing up an estate:

  • Exploring the best options in transfer of the decedent’s property, including determining whether the opening of probate estate is necessary or desirable.
  • Collection of life insurance and retirement benefits.
  • Guidance as to final tax returns.
  • Recommendations as to desirable changes to the estate plans of the surviving family members.

The Estate Administration Lawyers at the offices of Logan Law, LLC will guide the family through the options and explain the costs and benefits of using the Small Estate Affidavit procedure for estates where the personal property titled to the decedent does not exceed $100,000 as well as title insurance “bond in lieu of probate” procedures for real estate owned by the decedent, which may serve to eliminate the need for a probate court proceeding. Depending upon the situation, one or the other route or the opening of a probate estate may best serve the needs of the survivors.

We will review the decedent’s will and arrange for it to be properly filed in accordance with law. If there is no will, we will go over the rules set forth in the Illinois Laws of Descent and Distribution and guide the family as what the law provides.

Our Cook County Estate Administration Attorneys will assist in collecting and distributing the assets of the estate and properly transferring title to all assets in which the decedent had an interest. In cases where the decedent created a testamentary or inter-vivos trust, we will review the terms of the trust documents and guide the trustee(s) designated in the documents as to their responsibilities as trustees.

Our Probate Lawyers will assist in evaluating claims against the estate and where appropriate vigorously contest questionable or improper claims.

Our Estate Administration Legal Services are completely tailored to the needs and desires of the family and can range from simply guiding responsible family members as to what needs to be done and how to perform each step, to simply handling everything involved in estate administration for the family that prefers a full service turnkey approach.

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