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Eviction Services & Law in Cook County, Chicago, IL

Most plaintiffs in Cook County Eviction Court are not large, multi-state corporate landowners or high rise condominium buildings. Instead, they are the landlord/owners of smaller apartment buildings or are townhouse or condominium associations, in many cases with only three, six or 30 units, or the owner of a single unit.

To these owners, a problem owner, tenant, or one who doesn’t pay their rent or assessments is a real problem, not just a minor annoyance or a cost of doing business. Our Chicago Eviction Attorneys understand this as well as how confusing and daunting the Cook County Courts can be to a small apartment building owner or condominium or townhouse association. Because of this, we go out of our way to represent each owner or association with understanding and in a prompt, aggressive and practical manner. Our Chicago Eviction Lawyers move quickly.

We explain the process and are always available for questions. Our Eviction Attorneys understand the ins and outs of the Cook County eviction process and the indulgences and protections built into the system for tenants and delinquent condominium owners. We also understand the best ways to deal with defenses and counterclaims available to and delaying tactics used by defendants, including those under the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO).

Our Chicago Eviction Lawyers assist each client in the critically important step of preparation and proper service of the notice which must be served upon the tenant or unit owner to initiate the eviction process, knowing that if this is not done correctly and strictly in accordance with applicable law, the case will be thrown out of court when it finally reaches trial. We stand available to answer questions which come up in preparation and service of the notice, so that everything is done correctly.

We offer a schedule of reasonable fixed fees for Chicago eviction legal services, so that even in a process in which what happens is often in the control of the defendant or the court, our clients have as much certainty as possible as to the final amount of attorney fees and court costs to them. We are not the least expensive eviction lawyers, but we aim to be the best, at fees which are reasonable for the level of services provided. Contact us now, so that one of our Chicago eviction lawyers can begin assisting you with your eviction problem.

Here are some links for additional information regarding Chicago eviction laws and your rights and obligations as a Chicago eviction plaintiff:

Here are some of the official forms commonly used by Chicago Eviction Attorneys in prosecuting either straight forcible (possession only) or joint action (seeking possession as well as a money judgment) eviction suits for Chicago and other Cook County landlords and condominium associations under the Illinois Forcible Entry and Detainer law in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois:

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