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Complete Legal Services for New Chicago Condominium Associations

The Illinois Condominium Property Act (the “Act”) provides that the Developer of a new Illinois condominium must turn over control of the condominium association and deliver specified records at the earlier of when 75% of the units have been sold or three years after the recording of the condominium declaration.

The developer to new condominium association control turn over process can often be a stressful, bewildering and perilous process for the condominium unit owner and fledgling board members of new Chicago condominium associations, especially those Chicago condominium associations too small for ongoing professional management or those managed by a developer affiliated or controlled management company.

Frequently, developers of smaller Chicago condominium associations, intentionally or through lack of knowledge or simple neglect, do not follow the requirements of the Act and new Chicago condominium associations are left in the lurch. We are Chicago New Condominium Association Attorneys who can guide you to the answers and assist new Condominium Association unit owners in getting what they are entitled to under the Illinois Condominium Property Act.

Our experienced Chicago Condominium Association Lawyers assist new Chicago Condominium Associations in making sure that they are properly organized and constituted and that officers and the Board of Managers have proper legal power to act on behalf of the condominium association.

Section 18.2 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act is very specific as to what the condominium developer must turn over to the new Illinois Condominium Association when control is finally vested in the new owners of the condominium units. And the Act has “teeth,” in that it requires the developer to reimburse the new Condominium Association for all attorney fees and court or other costs incurred in forcing the developer to meet its obligations under section 18.2, after proper demand is served.

Because the principal attorney of Logan Law, LLC has himself developed thousands of condominium units in Chicago and throughout Cook County and has represented developers who have developed thousands more condominium units, we are condominium law attorneys who know where the “skeletons are hidden” by developers in the process of a condominium development and are uniquely qualified to represent new Chicago Condominium Association unit owners and board members with regard to developer to new condominium association turnover of control and other condominium law issues.

Some of our areas of expertise include common area completion, Certificate of Occupancy and warranty questions. The new condominium association needs an experienced Chicago Condominium Association Attorney to guide the new board of managers through the complexities of the condominium laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations.

To assist new Chicago condominium associations in getting started during this difficult period and making sure that they are in compliance with all Illinois condominium association laws, we have developed and offer a very affordable fixed price package of services for new condominium association during turnover of control, to get the process started without undue expense to the new Chicago Condominium Association. Call Barry Kreisler at 773-394-6400 or contact us, if you have questions or would like to learn more about how we can help your new association.

In addition to assisting the new Chicago Condominium Association in the developer turnover process, we also assist the new Board members of the new Chicago Condominium Association in setting up appropriate operating procedures and enforceable rules and regulations, including late payment policies and procedures, to bring them into full compliance with all Illinois condominium association laws. We also assist the new Association in collecting past due condominium assessments from any owners who are or later become behind in their assessment obligations.

JUST CLICK HERE for answers to (FAQS) questions frequently asked by unit owners and board members of new Chicago condominium associations of their Chicago Condominium Lawyers.

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