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Estate Planning for Chicago Pets with Estate Planning Attorneys in Chicago, IL

Some important reasons you should consider including your pets in your estate plan are listed below:

  • Your pets give you unconditional love and rely on you for every part of their care.
  • What will they do without your protection?
  • A properly drafted pet trust can ensure their future.

THE PROBLEM: It is a sad and shocking fact that more than 500,000 pets (more than 50 an hour!) are left without care and euthanized each year when their human companions die or become incompetent, without having provided for even their basic care and feeding. Only you can prevent this from being your pet’s future. By planning today, you can act to avoid your pets becoming part of this sad and disturbing statistic. All of the employees of our Chicago pet estate planning law firm are Chicago pet owners themselves. We saw the problem and now with the adoption by the State of Illinois of an important new pet trust law that only became effective in 2005, we’ve finally been able to devise flexible, affordable, and efficient solutions for responsible pet owners.

THE SOLUTION: By creating a pet trust for your Chicago companion animals now, you can assure their proper care and comfort if you should become disabled and when you die. The pet trust we will create for you can be completely revocable and amendable by you at any time and you yourself can be the sole trustee so long as you choose. You don’t have to give up your full control of any of your property to assure that you will protect your pets from a gloomy and completely preventable fate. If you are planning a trip, we can also prepare a pet power of attorney to give a selected person the legal right to make decisions for your pet in your absence.

Important Links

There are a number of articles and scholarly sources with information about this estate planning for your pets. We’ve include a couple of these below, for your convenience:

Or, you can just click here for answers to the Frequently Asked Questions we receive about estate planning for your pets.

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